European Parliament Highlights Discussions on Cooperation between Russia and Africa

MEP from Poland Anna Zalevskaya in her speech to the European Commission raised the issue of developing cooperation between Russia and African countries.

RT became aware of the contents of the letter, in which Zalevskaya claims that Moscow is “trying to control alternative sources of gas in the European Union.”

And she continued: “Russia is increasingly engaging with African countries in the economic sphere, seeking to control alternative sources of gas for Europe, and has already set its sights on a gas pipeline between Nigeria and Morocco, which can supply Europe with gas or hydrogen in the future.”

Zalevskaya pointed out that Russia is also building private military ties in the region, including through the presence of the Wagner private military group.

Against this background, Zalevskaya asked the European Commission to comment on the measures taken in the European Union to “combat the negative consequences” of Russian-African cooperation.

In addition, in her letter, the parliamentarian drew attention to the EU policy to reduce methane emissions, which, in her opinion, the current regulation erroneously places the greatest burden on the energy sector in Poland, in particular on the coal mining industry.

At the same time, Zalevskaya noted that global emissions will not decrease if domestic resources are replaced by imported fuel. In this regard, the parliamentarian asked why the European Commission offered lighter obligations to importers of coal and gas compared to “very restrictive” provisions for domestic producers.

And in February last year, Zalievskaya, along with colleagues from other countries, proposed to “suspend funding for South Africa” because of her position on Russia.

Source: RT

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