European analysts: Sanctions against Russia are suicide

The group of analysts confirmed that the European sanctions imposed on Russia seem suicidal for those who imposed them, since their impact on Russia was negligible and Europe was in a catastrophic situation as a result.

Swebb reported that Russia has suspended construction of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for technical reasons, causing gas prices to rise another 30%, raising electricity prices and endangering all major industries in Europe.

Representatives of the Swedish Paper Union, for example, say: “Our industry is in danger of destruction. Parliament and government must come together to take immediate action on skyrocketing electricity prices.”

Swebb TV quoted former Swedish finance minister Anders Borg as warning of a general industrial downturn that would have dire consequences for the entire global economy.

According to Borg, if the gas pipeline is suspended in the long term, Europe will be in “a very difficult situation … In other words, Europe is completely dependent on Russia, and Europe is not able to solve its problems on its own. .”

He added: “Another danger looming on the horizon is that Germany is suffering from a severe shortage of electricity, as evidenced by the German Central Bank’s announcement that perhaps 65-85% of energy-consuming companies will have to close in the winter,” and that it would lead to an “industrial crisis” of historic proportions.

“I agree that it is Putin who dictates our agenda, we depend on his decisions,” he added.

For her part, Annika Weinst, chief economist at Nordea Bank, said: “The danger is that under pressure, we become nationalists and start thinking only about our own affairs and our citizens.”

“Germany is one of the countries that has advanced the most in the so-called green transition, so it has suffered the most from anti-Russian energy sanctions,” she added.

Swebb TV commented that “it is surprising that the European Union is adding fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian conflict after a sharp increase in electricity prices in the EU countries. Financially and militarily, Kyiv has as much as it needs.”

While experts question many of the decisions being talked about in Europe, Swebb TV analyst Stig Berglund said: “Germany is in danger of facing the moment of truth. How do they intend to manage their industry? chance to get it! Germany and Europe, industrially, they will not be winners… This is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning.”

For his part, Lars Bern, an analyst at the same TV channel, believes that some Western countries sought to unleash a conflict in Ukraine with several goals, primarily by sabotaging the successful energy trade between Germany and Russia and weakening Germany, and that is exactly what happened.

He continued: “The United States, Britain and NATO have been working desperately to ignite this conflict. They want to prevent a rapprochement between Germany and Russia at any cost. Americans have always been against this cooperation.

He added that “Germany would have more to gain from rapprochement with Russia than from complete submission to the American will.”

Source: Eurasia Daily.

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