Euronext Stock Exchange stormed by Paris demonstrators.

French police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators in the French city of Rennes.

Meanwhile, protesters against the pension reform broke into the Paris office of Euronext.

Protesters unhappy with Macron’s performance earlier this week burned down barricades across France. French President Emmanuel Macron was booed by a crowd in eastern France on Wednesday as he set out on his first trip outside of Paris since signing the unpopular pension amendments.

Upon the president’s arrival in Selestat in northeast Alsace, some locals chanted slogans, including “Resign, Macron!” They booed and taunted the French leader, with one person accusing Macron of running “a corrupt government on a scale we’ve never seen before” and predicting his imminent downfall.

The French President confirmed that he intended to continue his trips and said: “The anger must be heard and I am not deaf to it”, noting that this “will not stop him from continuing to travel”.

Source: RT

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