Ethiopia reports downing of an unidentified aircraft that violated the country’s airspace through the territory of Sudan

The Ethiopian Ministry of Defense announced today, Wednesday, the downing of an unidentified aircraft that invaded the country’s airspace through Sudan and was transporting weapons for the Tigray Front.

Major General Tesfaye Ayalu, head of the National Defense Forces Joint Directorate of Military Operations, said the plane is believed to belong to what he described as Ethiopia’s “historical enemies” without specifying a specific country.

He emphasized that “the army is more than ever ready to defend the sovereignty of the country”, noting that “an unidentified aircraft was about to cross our airspace through Sudan and cross the northern part of the Ethiopian region of Hamra, heading to Tigray to deliver weapons to the Tigray Liberation Front, and the Air Force The Ethiopians shot him down.”

He stated that “although there are forces that use the Tigray Liberation Front to violate Ethiopian sovereignty, the Ethiopian National Army and the Ethiopians are on the alert to protect the country and its sovereignty.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency.

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