Ethiopia.. Abi Ahmed urges Sudan and Egypt to continue dialogue on "Al Nahda Dam"

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on Egypt and Sudan to continue talks on the Great Ethiopian Revival Dam.

During the opening of the second turbine of the Renaissance Dam to generate hydroelectric power, the Prime Minister said today, Thursday, that Ethiopia is building a dam to generate power so that the country can bring its people out of darkness.

“Sudan and Egypt must understand that Ethiopia is working to meet its electricity needs and does not intend to harm downstream countries,” he said.

Ahmed explained that the mobilization for hydroelectric power generation using turbines proved that Ethiopia is working with caution in implementing its project, taking into account the flow of water to the downstream countries.

He also called on Egypt and Sudan to enter into negotiations to resolve issues of mutual interest through dialogue, which is the best way for countries to continue building the Renaissance Dam.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the progress made so far proves that the prosperity of Ethiopia will inevitably be achieved, and the overall construction progress of the project has reached 95 percent, while the electrical work has accounted for 61 percent, and the overall construction progress of the Renaissance Dam Project has reached 83. 3%.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency.

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