Establishment of $1 Billion+ Fund in Denmark to Aid Ukraine

The Danish Ministry of Finance announced today, Wednesday, that the Danish government has signed an agreement with parliamentary parties to create a Ukrainian fund worth 7 billion crowns (more than $1 billion) in 2023.

The ministry added: “The government has agreed with an overwhelming majority in the Folketing (Danish parliament) to set up a fund for Ukraine in the amount of 7 billion crowns in 2023. The fund is designed to meet the needs of Ukraine, and is necessary for Denmark to be able to coordinate efforts aimed at providing military, civilian and commercial support to Ukraine. All parties to the agreement agreed that Denmark will remain among the countries that most support Ukraine in terms of assistance.

According to the ministry, in 2023, 5.4 billion crowns ($778 million) will be allocated for military support – weapons, equipment and training. reconstruction.

The fund also provides support to Danish companies that want to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine, for which 400 million crowns (57 million dollars) have been allocated.

Source: TASS

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