Erdogan spoke about contacts with Putin on Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he is in constant contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Syrian issue.

“I say, let’s intensify this process by holding talks with Mr. Putin. For example, during my last trip to Sochi, Syria was an important topic for us to discuss, and it was on the agenda, ”Erdogan told reporters on the plane after returning from the western Ukrainian city of Lvov. Business. At the moment, we continue our conversations with Putin .And with our Minister of Foreign Affairs and our Minister of Defense on counter-terrorism. We will continue this process. We would very much like to be able to carry out these actions with Iran more effectively, but this did not happen. At the moment, we continue this solidarity and unity with Russia – the same determination.”

In this regard, the Anatolian News Agency reported that the Turkish President said, speaking about the possibility of dialogue with Damascus: “We believe that there should be more advanced steps at different levels”, adding in this context that “no one can leave the political dialogue and diplomacy”.

Erdogan emphasized, according to Anatoly, that “Turkey has no ambitions in Syrian territory, and Damascus should understand this well”, noting also that Ankara “always supported the political solution and dialogue in Syria.”

The Anatolian News Agency quoted Erdogan as saying, “We don’t care if Assad is defeated or not,” expressing in this context the position he said, “We have always been part of the solution in Syria.”

Source: RIA Novosti + Anatolia

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