Erdogan on the launch of the ship "Abdul Hamid Khan" For medium intelligence: we don’t need anyone’s permission!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the ceremony for the first launch of the ship “Abdul Hamid Khan” for energy research in the Mediterranean.

Erdoğan said in a speech today, Tuesday, in the Turkish Mediterranean port of Mersin that: “The research vessel of Abdul Hamid Khan is a symbol of Turkey’s new vision in the field of energy”, adding that: “In the field of energy exploration, we are present at 4 exploration ships and two exploration vessels.

The Turkish President announced that his country “plans to put the natural gas we are working on producing from ten wells in the Black Sea into the service of our citizens in 2023.”

He emphasized that: “The excavations we carried out in the Mediterranean were within our sovereignty, so we do not need permission from anyone.”

He said: “We will say goodbye to Abdul Hamid Khan’s ship and go to the Eurokler-1 well located 55 km off the coast of Gazipasa, Antalya. Euroclear 1 is the first step in our comprehensive Eastern Mediterranean business plan.”

With a length of 238 meters and a width of 42 meters, the Abdul Hamid Khan vessel is equipped with a dual security system and will enhance Turkey’s hydrocarbon exploration efforts.

On board the ship, which is capable of drilling to a depth of 12,200 meters, there will be a crew of 200 people.

Source: AFP + Anatolia.

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