Erdogan Announces Weekly or Decadal Communication on Discussions with Putin’s Files.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during his participation in a conference in Istanbul, commented on the most important documents that he discussed by phone with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin today, Saturday.

Erdogan said: “Recently, I held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin… I heard him praise Turkey’s role in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and Turkey’s mediation efforts, as well as his assertion that he is closely following the upcoming elections in Turkey, and I personally heard from him how these elections are being followed in Turkey.”

Erdogan stated that they discussed the grain export corridor file with the Russian president’s proposal, and he said: “They want (in Russia) to discuss the agricultural corridor file, the grain and wheat export corridor. They want to supply wheat from Russia to the least developed and poor countries, in particular to Africa, without any payment. Russia will send it to Turkey, and we in Turkey will deliver it through us to poor countries, especially to Africa, free of charge.”

He added, addressing the audience: “Pay attention to what Russia is following and focusing on, and what the opposition in Turkey is following and focusing on… These are very important issues.”

Erdogan stressed that “this intensive communication with the Russian side will continue every week once, or every ten days we communicate at least once.”

Earlier today, the Kremlin confirmed that Putin and Erdogan discussed a number of issues in a telephone conversation, including the Ukrainian crisis, the extension of the grain deal, and issues of bilateral cooperation, adding that Erdogan stressed the constructive role of Russian mediation in the process of normalizing relations between Turkey and Syria, as well as thanked Russia for helping his country to overcome the consequences of the devastating earthquake.

Source: RT

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