Emergency Meeting with Israeli Army Leaders Called by Netanyahu to Address Gaza Rockets

RT correspondent reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently conducting a security assessment accompanied by senior army officials at the Glilot base following a rocket attack from Gaza.

Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff of the IDF, Director of the National Security Council, Commander of the IDF Intelligence Department, Commander of the Operations Department of the IDF, Deputy Director of the General Security Service, General Security Service, The Prime Minister’s Military Secretary, as well as the Commander of the Southern Army Command and others will participate in the discussion senior Israeli army commanders.

Despite Ben-Gvir’s request to attend the meeting, Netanyahu did not call him for a security assessment due to security tensions.

For his part, Israeli politician Naftali Bennett said that Netanyahu has a shaky and weak policy towards Gaza, since the number of rockets fired during Netanyahu’s rule exceeds all rockets fired in a year of Bennett’s rule.

Meanwhile, former Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Tuesday that “Palestinian organizations will pay a heavy price for rocket attacks on the south.”

Earlier today, our correspondent reported that the Israeli army activated the Iron Dome system after a salvo of rockets from the Gaza Strip towards neighboring settlements.

According to Israeli media reports, the rocket hit a house in the village of Sderot, where Jewish Channel 14 reported that the total number of people injured as a result of rocket attacks from Gaza is 6 people, one of whom is in serious condition.

The same sources reported that about 20 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli authorities opened shelters in the Beer Sheva area, and warning sirens sounded in areas bordering the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army asked the residents of the settlements to stay near shelters and fortified areas and avoid crowds in open areas.

Subsequently, the united hall of the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip issued a statement saying: “Mourning the warrior martyr (Khader Adnan), he declares his responsibility for destroying the so-called raped settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip with rocket strikes this evening.” , noting that “this is a preliminary response to this heinous crime, which will provoke a reaction from our people in all arenas and battlefields.”

Source: RT

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