Electricity production to end in all Lebanese territories on Friday as stocks run out "gas oil" In Al-Zahrani’s laboratory

Electricité du Liban (EDL) announced in a statement that the corporation’s “gasoil” stocks have run out, which will force the Zahrani plant to be decommissioned on Friday afternoon, August 26.

And she said in a statement: “Sympathizing with both the Electricité du Liban statement of 03/08/2022 and his letter on the side of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance through His Excellency Minister of Energy and Water Resources No. 2726 of 03/08/2022, and why was The rest of the electricity generated, which is generated only at the Al-Zahrani station, which is the only station left on the grid, since the Deir Ammar plant ran out of gas oil.”

She added: “According to the exchange agreement concluded between Iraq and Lebanon, no shipment of oil for August 2022 in favor of the Electricité du Liban (EDL) was supplied by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources – Directorate General of Petroleum. , and that the Corporation has not yet been informed whether it will receive a shipment of oil in September 2022, given that power generation at the EDL plants has only recently been dependent on this agreement.

And she continued: “Because to date, the actual date of receipt of electricity from Jordan and the actual date of commencement of natural gas production from Egypt have not been determined until the necessary funding is received. for these two projects by the respective authorities, and since the Al-Zahrani gasoil plant storage has reached its minimum limit and is about to run out, and in view of this delicate and delicate situation, which is beyond the control and responsibility of the entire EDL, EDL informs that the Zahrani plant will forcibly taken out of service on the afternoon of Friday, 08/26/2022 as a result of depleting its “gas oil”, which will lead to the cessation of energy production in all Lebanese territories, provided that the production facilities will be restarted as soon as the Corporation will be provided with fuel as soon as possible.

Source: “Vestnik”

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