Egyptian student demands huge compensation from Manchester United star Rashford

Mr Salama, the lawyer for Egyptian student Mohamed Essam who has been accused of sending racist messages to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, said he is in the process of filing a compensation claim against the player with a financial value of €10m. .

In a statement to Al-Masri al-Youm, Mr Salama added: “Mohamed Essam is a respectable young man with the characteristics of a true Egyptian countryside. He got a good grade this year after graduating with honors in his previous school years because his psychology was affected by the Rashford affair.”

He continued: “The Egyptian judiciary is honest, noble and great and enjoys complete independence. Nothing affected her and no one interfered in making a decision, especially since the case concerns a major and global player.”

Regarding Rashford’s obligation to pay the amount of 75 Egyptian pounds after a court decision acquitted a young man, Mohamed Essam, of racist statements against an English player, Mr Salama said: “This is the law in Egypt. Whoever loses the case is obliged to pay this amount.”

Rashford’s lawyers have sued Egyptian student Mohamed Essam for using offensive and racist language in a post on one of the English player’s official pages.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Mansoura Economic Court in Egypt ruled that the suit of the Manchester United star was not accepted and that the plaintiff was required to pay 75 Egyptian pounds for lawyer’s fees.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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