Egyptian stock exchange takes a painful hit

The market value of shares listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange lost £11.2 billion at the end of Thursday’s trading session, the last session of the week.

The losses came amid heavy selling by foreign investors, which closed at £973.506bn.

The total turnover amounted to about 3.6 billion pounds sterling, and the number – 1.8 billion securities, executed on 109 thousand transactions. about 173 million pounds and one million and 197 thousand, respectively.

The banking sector index fell 1.22% in Thursday’s trading session on the Egyptian Stock Exchange to close at 1368. Trading volumes in the banking sector amounted to 14.9m shares worth £495m in trading today. .

The main stock index EGX30 was down 1.54% to close at 15141 points, the EGX50 index was down 1.21% to close at 2633 points, the weighted EGX30 index was down 1.12% to close at 18178 points, and the index EGX dropped 30 points for a total return of 1.53% to close at 6230 points.

The EGX70 Equal Weights Small and Medium Companies Index shed 0.65% to close at 2864, while the EGX100 Equal Weights Index shed 0.78% to close at 4214.

Source: Cairo 24

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