Egyptian Ministry Plans to Drill Large Group of Wells in Mediterranean and Delta: Exploring Promising Areas and Boosting Natural Gas Production

Egypt Plans to Drill a Large Group of Wells in the Mediterranean and Delta

Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources spokesman Hamdi Abdel Aziz said there is a plan to drill a large group of wells in the Mediterranean and Delta.

Promising Areas with Numerous Discoveries

He explained that these areas are promising and have been achieved through a large number of discoveries, stating that an international application has been submitted in 12 areas, including 6 on land and 6 offshore, and applications submitted by international companies are under evaluation.

He stated that the Egyptian Oil Minister announced the launch of 45 natural gas wells in the Mediterranean and the Delta during the 2022-2023 financial years and the next two financial years.

Significant Discoveries and Future Plans

He noted that about 10 wells had been drilled by the end of fiscal year 2022-2023, commenting: “There are discoveries that have already been made, the most important of which is the discovery of the Al Narjes field with reserves of 2.5 trillion cubic feet, and it’s being developed to include it in production.”

He said that in the next two years, the ministry plans to drill 35 wells with an investment of $1.5 billion. To increase production at new fields and discoveries, as well as the rate of natural gas production and maintain these reserves.

He explained that the meeting considered an overview of the situation with the development of the Zor field, which began production at the end of 2017, commenting: “The drilling of the 20th well has now been completed, and at the same time it was announced that the 5th well has already been completed. Starting next year, wells will be drilled at the field, where production is 2.2 billion cubic feet of gas per day.”

Meeting between Prime Minister and Minister of Petroleum

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouli met with Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El-Molla at the government headquarters in the new city of El Alamein.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources reviewed the natural gas development and exploration activities, explaining that a plan is being implemented to drill 45 natural gas wells in the Mediterranean Sea and Delta with investments of about $1.9 billion.

Source: Egyptian media.

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