Egyptian Minister of Supply: We have a supply of wheat, which was not in the history of the country

Egypt’s Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali Al-Moseli, said his country now has wheat reserves never seen before in the country’s history.

Quotes newspaper Al-Masri Al-Youm, according to Al-Moselhi, made statements on television in which he said that “the world is suffering from a crisis in the provision of goods, and not just in their purchase, and 37 million Egyptians are supported, and the requirement to register a telephone number in card for operational communication with citizens.

Al-Moselhi added: “Variation in commodity prices is normal in a free market, but unregulated trade has caused food price fluctuations and some distributors are exploiting citizens.”

The Egyptian minister stressed that his country’s wheat reserves “will be enough for 7 months, and there has not been such a time indicator in the history of Egypt, and this is a good world indicator, and at the same time the season begins, so there will be an abundance of wheat.”

And the United Nations announced on Saturday that a ship carrying more than 31,000 tons of wheat had left Ukrainian ports for the Egyptian port of Damietta.

Source: Sputnik

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