Egyptian League .. resignation of the head of the refereeing committee after the Al-Ahli vs Farko match crisis

The Egyptian Football Association announced on Tuesday that it has accepted the resignation of international referee Essam Abdel Fattah as chairman of the refereeing committee amid problems with arbitration in the league.

Abdel-Fattah tendered his resignation from his position earlier today following crises that have affected arbitration in a large number of league matches, in addition to the pressure Al-Ahly has been putting on the refereeing committee, in particular after he was subjected to incorrect arbitration decisions. which affected his results in the Premier League and kept him out of the race for the title.

Al-Ahly, in an official statement last Thursday, demanded the dissolution of the refereeing committee, as well as the suspension and investigation of the video technology referee Mahmoud Ashour after he canceled Al-Ahly’s goal from the video equipment room in the match against Farko on the 28th stage, ended in a goalless draw.

Al-Ahly has announced that he will not participate in any tournament organized by the Egyptian Football Association, be it the Egyptian Cup or the local super, in case his demands are not met, as he will face Egypt in the final next Sunday. the price of the cup competition, and with Zamalek in the local Super Bowl on October 28 in the Emirati city of Al Ain.

The Egyptian Federation has contracted English referee Mark Clattenburg for one year to be responsible for the development of arbitration.

Following his arrival in Cairo last Saturday, Clattenburg was scheduled to meet with Abdel Fattah on Sunday to set out a strategy for the next phase and discuss ways to develop arbitration for Egyptian football in the coming period.

However, Clattenburg refused to sit with Abdel-Fattah in protest at the latter’s statements when the contract with the English expert was announced, saying: “Like a general learns from a lieutenant.”

Source: AFP.

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