Egyptian government sends messages "calm down".. and warns of rumors of destabilization

The Egyptian government has sent a series of reassurances to the youth, emphasizing that providing for the basic needs of citizens is the president’s priority, warning against reacting to destabilizing rumors.

During an open dialogue with a number of young people, university students and civil society representatives in Faiyum Province (Egyptian Delta) on Saturday, Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said that “meeting the basic needs of citizens is the President’s priority.” despite all these serious global challenges putting pressure on the state budget”, referring to the “success of the Egyptian state in overcoming the consequences of the pandemic (Covid-19) due to the lack of goods”, promising to “overcome the negative consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war”.

He added: “The state, with its wise political leadership, continues on its path of development, despite all the challenges that the world’s largest economies have faced since the start of the war in Europe, from high inflation rates and the disruption of supply chains.”

Egyptian Finance Minister stressed that “President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is personally overseeing efforts to overcome the consequences of global crises, alleviate the burden of citizens”, calling on “all sectors of society to unite with the state and maximize production capacity so that we do not import inflation from abroad “.

The Egyptian minister defended the government’s national and development projects, which have recently come under some criticism for “spending priorities” in light of the economic crisis. Maite said that “development projects cannot be put on hold to improve the lives of citizens and provide employment opportunities,” highlighting “the government’s desire to start a public dialogue on the budget to prioritize public spending.” This was reflected in the Budget Participation Initiative, which took citizens’ input into account when drafting the budget at the local level.

The finance minister stressed the “importance of deepening public communication” in light of the “rumor war” that “aims to impede the progress of the national economy and destabilize citizens’ trust in what they see as tangible achievements on the ground.” “an analysis of the government’s financial performance and growth rates achieved over the recent period.

To refute the “rumors”, Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi announced that “the ministry has launched an initiative called (Stand with us) to inform young people and young people about the real issues and challenges facing the State of Egypt ”, considering the achievements of the ministry in the development of youth and sports facilities with the participation of private sector institutions to mitigate the consequences for the state budget.

The statements came as the government celebrated the joint budget initiative, which was praised by the Minister for Social Solidarity, Nevin Al-Kabbaj, stressing that it “corresponds to the stage of strengthening the rules of good governance that is observed in the country.” In turn, the director of the US Development Agency in Egypt, Lesley Reid, said that “the agency has been working with the Egyptian government for four decades to develop policy, improve governance and increase transparency and communication with the public.” appreciating the experience of “participatory budgeting”.

Source: Middle East

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