Egyptian Government Increases Gasoline Prices While Keeping Diesel Prices Unchanged

The Egyptian government has decided to raise the price of gasoline by about 75 piastres compared to the price of the most consumed 80th gasoline in the Egyptian market, the highest growth rate since the establishment of the Automatic Petroleum Pricing Committee.

And the message of the Ministry of Petroleum says that the selling price of gasoline products of its three types was adjusted, starting at 2 am on March 2, 2023, and became the following: 8.75 pounds sterling per liter 80 gasoline, 10.25 pounds per liter -petrol and 11.50 pounds per liter of 95-gasoline.

The selling price of a tonne of diesel for non-electrical and bakery purposes has reached £6,000/tonne, while the selling price of diesel fuel has been set at £7.25/litre, and the price of diesel fuel supplied to the electricity and food industries has declined. . corrected.

Notably, passenger car fuel gas has been increased to 4.50 lb/m.

Source: RT

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