Egyptian General: US Implements Gradual Erosion Strategy After Creative Chaos Plan Fails

Major General Muhammad Rashad, a former Egyptian General Intelligence officer, said the United States is adopting a policy of slow attrition after failing in creative chaos.

Rashad added: “In 2018, US intelligence launched a slow attrition strategy after the failure of the creative chaos strategy launched by Gundelisa Rice in 2006. She began experimenting with this strategy in Lebanon and used Israel to do so. forces, or Hezbollah in particular, have begun to fail Israel’s strategy or ambitions, or the implementation of the chaos strategy.” The Middle East, as required by US intelligence strategy.

He continued by saying, “The United States started building and training civil society organizations in the Middle East and Arab countries, and that happened and led to what happened in the Middle East, which was called the Arab Spring, and it started in Tunisia, then Egypt, and then spread to most of the Arab countries.”

He added that Egypt began to suffer many problems due to civil society organizations, while the United States of America realized that civil society organizations in these countries did not lead to a complete collapse, so in 2018, the US began to launch an alternative plan that it is a slow attrition strategy.

He explained that the slow attrition strategy is a strategy that turns countries from stable states to failed states that are unable to meet the needs of their people, and therefore crises constantly arise, and thus conflict between peoples begins, and this conflict between peoples leads to the collapse and internal crises that lead to the collapse of states. To the collapse of the state, which no longer rises again.

He said that this strategy was launched by American intelligence in 2018 and is still under study and implementation at all stages. He said that there are countries in the Middle East that are falling apart or have started internal conflicts between their peoples, and this model is applying its results in Sudan, and pointed out that Sudan began to intervene in an internal conflict that could lead to the complete collapse of the state, which may not reassert itself, and thus American intelligence achieved the division of the Middle East from within, and thus, he can achieve his goals and strategies in this area. Model However, this model exists and is applied in all countries of the Middle East with the aim of achieving the partition of the Middle East as an American strategy. , and this was done and this is the most adequate strategy after the failure of the strategy of civil society organizations and the strategy of creative chaos.

Source: RT

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