Egyptian businessman: We look forward to cooperation with Russian companies to develop industry in Egypt

During the Made in Russia forum, Wael Rashidi, CEO of the Egyptian company Guiders Consulting, noted that the Egyptian side hopes to cooperate with Russian companies to consolidate production in Egypt.

In a conversation with RT today as part of the Made in Russia forum, Rashidi said that the purpose of his visit and participation in the forum is to study the Russian market and learn about the potential of this market and the capabilities of Russian companies. which will help to find an alternative to European products in Russia.

He noted that Egyptian companies can find in Russia an alternative to goods they have difficulty purchasing.

On the promising areas of cooperation between Russian and Egyptian businesses, he said: “The past period was characterized by great challenges, such as the coronavirus epidemic and economic sanctions against Russia, which affected the movement of shipping and trade exchange, and today we need to focus on areas in which both parties will benefit. “.

He noted that Egypt is participating in the forum with a delegation that includes companies from sectors such as district heating, oilfield services, drilling equipment and information technology, and each company from the delegation is looking for a suitable partner in Russia.

He pointed out that Egyptian companies are looking for opportunities for joint investment, whether in Egypt or elsewhere, and that Russian companies can benefit from free trade agreements concluded between Egypt and other countries by consolidating production in Egypt.

He said: “One of the goals of the participation of the Egyptian delegation in the Made in Russia forum is to identify Russian companies that are ready to overcome the current challenges and move part of their production activities to Egypt in partnership with Egyptian businessmen, so that Egypt will become a gateway for these Russian companies to other overseas markets.”

The international export forum “Made in Russia” started today in Moscow, the purpose of which is to acquaint international companies with Russian products and their advantages.

During the forum, the necessary measures to support exporters in Russia, new opportunities opening up for Russian brands, specifically for products manufactured in Russia, and the mechanisms of Russia’s foreign economic cooperation in the current geopolitical realities will be discussed.

Source: RT

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