Egyptian Al Ahli star Kahraba’s first comment after deciding to stop him… "FIFA"

Al-Ahli striker Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba has suffered a painful blow following a decision by the International Football Association FIFA that suspended him for six months until he pays a financial fine to his former club Zamalek.

In his first comment on the decision to stop him, Kahraba wrote on his Instagram account: “Whoever thinks better of God, God will not let him down, even if all the people of the earth let him down.”

Kahraba terminated his contract with Zamalek unilaterally two seasons ago despite his contract with his club being valid and he left for Portuguese Deportivo Aves, then terminated his contract with the Portuguese team in January 2020 and left for Al Ahli from Egypt.

Zamalek received a FIFA decision to fine Kahrab and the Portuguese club Deportivo Aves for two million dollars, but the player decided to appeal to the International Court of Sports.

The International Court of Sport has decided to uphold the $2 million electrification fine for Zamalek, with the player charging interest owed on the amount, as the decision was made in June 2019.

However, Kahraba did not comply with these provisions, and the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on Monday decided to suspend the Egyptian striker for 6 months until the amount of the fine imposed on him is paid.

Source: RT

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