Egypt to launch new currency during Eid al-Adha celebrations

The Central Bank of Egypt is preparing to issue a 20-pound plastic coin within a few days to the banking market, as it will be issued for the first time in the history of the banking system on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday.

And according to engineer Khaled Farouk, deputy governor of the Central Bank of the Money Printing House, on the Cairo 24 website, there is a slight change in the shape of the 20 plastic pounds compared to similar designs presented to the president. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, since the colors objected by the citizens are represented by the hologram mark, which is one of the global watermarks used to protect banknotes and documents from forgery, it is not an aesthetic form and does not carry any other connotations. as some people think.

The same source added that the design of the 20-pound plastic will take into account the fact that it is printed in braille for decisive people, and will be flexible, strong and thinner, in addition, its durability will be about three times that of the current cotton paper category. The speaker also emphasized that, compared to paper money in circulation, it is waterproof and less susceptible to dust, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and stain resistant as it is difficult to counterfeit or counterfeit.

The £20 plastic note features the Muhammad Ali Mosque, which is one of the important and famous ancient mosques in Cairo as it was built by Muhammad Ali Pasha.

Source: Cairo 24

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