Egypt to Experience Innovations from Russia

The Expert Committee of the Russian Export Center agreed to present the products of six companies at the Good Food Russia exhibition in Egypt.

A group of novelties will be introduced in Egypt, such as: condensed milk, instant breakfast dishes “cornflakes”, oatmeal mixture with raisins, sweetened cheese with chocolate, as well as many drinks, in addition to vegetable oils and nutritional supplements.

According to the Russian Export Center, “Russian agricultural products are of high quality and really tasty, and our task is to provide a good place for local companies in foreign markets and introduce local consumers to their products.”

It is noteworthy that a number of Russian companies announced their intention to enter the Egyptian market with their Russian-made products, namely: Alenka and Pobeda, specializing in the chocolate industry, Baikal Aqua and Narsan Mineralnye Vody, Volo Darsky and “Staro Askoliski” for flour packaging.

Source: News

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