Egypt.. The Senate is preparing a plan to solve the food crisis in the country

Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Water in the Egyptian Senate, Representative Abdel Salam Al-Ghabali, said that the feed crisis is on the way to resolution.

He explained that recently 11,000 tons of feed have been released, and this is a considerable amount, and there is a plan developed by the ministry together with the Central Bank for the prompt release of batches of corn and soybeans to provide the birds with the necessary feed.

The representative of Egypt stated that the Ministry is constantly monitoring the group of incoming quantities and feed consumption, and that the crisis is on the way to being resolved within the next period.

Al-Jabali added during a TV appearance that there is a gap in some crops such as wheat, corn and oils and that the price gap has become very large and there is a price equation between what is exported and what is sold. imported, and we strive to strike a balance between them.

He pointed out that the focus is on clear and direct plans, since there is a shortage of feed, which has reached within 40% of market demand, and then this gap needs to be covered, what needs to be imported or goods need to be released to the ports, and this is the role of the Central Bank with Ministry of Agriculture.

Tharwat Al Zeini, vice president of the Poultry Union, said Egypt’s poultry industry is under threat due to the lack of feed from ports as a result of the shortage of the dollar and hard currency.

He explained that Egypt will suffer from a gap in poultry meat production in the coming period as a result of many poultry farmers getting rid of livestock production due to lack of feed, in addition to the existence of a black market for feed, which it sells at inflated and inflated prices and exceeds the possibilities of breeders, which forced them to sell it at any price and in any way.

Source Cairo 24

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