Egypt takes initiative to cultivate its essential strategic product

The official newspaper of Egypt, known as the “Egyptian Gazette”, published the decision of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to determine the area for rice cultivation in Egypt for 2023.

Ministerial Ordinance No. 123 of 2023 states that, following the consideration of Law No. 147 of 2021 to promulgate the Water Resources and Irrigation Law, it is allowed to grow rice in the governorates indicated in the lists attached to the ordinance, with the areas indicated opposite each of them . , so that the total permitted area is 724,200 acres, seven hundred four, twenty thousand two hundred acres.

The decision confirmed that the organs of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation in the governorates distribute the areas allowed for rice cultivation between agricultural associations and basins and determine the names and areas allowed for rice cultivation, in accordance with the determinants of the ministerial decision. , with the competent state departments and agricultural departments submitting lists and diagrams of areas and areas of rice cultivation in accordance with Article 36 of the Executive Regulation of Law No. 147 of 2021.

The decision added that the cultivation of rice is prohibited in areas other than those permitted in accordance with the text of Article 28 of the law through the issuance of the Law on Water Resources and Irrigation and its by-laws, and the violator is subject to a fine provided for in Article 104 of the same law, and the use of water is charged in excess of that established for the cultivation of rice Violation in accordance with the executive regulations of the law.

Source: Egyptian facts.

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