Egypt shares images of Arish project advancement following ‘Arab Trade Line’ announcement

The Egyptian Ministry of Transport has released a series of photographs showing the progress of work to restore the railway linking Al-Arish, Bir el-Abd and Al-Kantara in Ismailia.

The release of these photos by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport comes just days after its minister, Kamel Al-Wazir, announced work to launch an “Arab Trade Line” that will ease the movement of trade between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

Abdullah Abu Khadra, professor of highways at the Faculty of Engineering at Beni Suef University in Egypt, stated in an interview with RT that: “Egypt has carried out the process of connecting the port of Sokhna, which is a point farther on the Red Sea. with Alexandria and further across the Mediterranean, indicating that the proximity of the Alexandria point to European markets completely eliminated the Israeli project suffered greatly because the distance is better, whether on the Red Sea or the Mediterranean.

Abu Khadra explained: “Egypt is working on a new railway linking Al Arish, Taba and East Port Said which will help ease the transport of goods as the first leg will run from East Port Said to serve the industrial area, then reach Bir al-Abda, then Al-Arish, and from Al-Arish there will be a railway line to Rafah, and then another line to Taba. Abd, and three years to work in the Al Arish and Taba expansion.

The spokesman continued: “The new Al Fardan Bridge was also built on the new Suez Canal, and the old bridge cost $102 million to build, which was paid in full before the dollar rose. Currently, there is a national Egyptian company. implementation of the Al-Fardan, Kantara, Baluza and East Port Said railways, then Bir el-Abd and Suf”. The railway bridge that crossed the old Suez Canal, which was cut off after the construction of the new Suez Canal.

He explained that this project would deal a severe blow to the Israeli Express project, which is designed to link the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain through the port of Eilat, which was considered a strong competitor to neighboring countries’ projects, as it would move from the United Arab Emirates through other countries before reaching Israel.

Source: RT

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