Egypt receives urgent requests to export potatoes and onions to Syria and Turkey

Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine Technical Bureau Director Syed Abbas announced that Egyptian exporters have received requests from Syria and Turkey to export certain crops such as potatoes and onions to the two countries.

Abbas confirmed in television statements that because of the recent devastating earthquake, Syria and Turkey are in need of many important crops.

He added that in the current period there is a higher demand for exports than usual, stressing that Egypt exports many agricultural products such as potatoes, onions and citrus fruits of all kinds, especially since citrus exports top the list of exports.

He pointed to the high level of exports in the current season to the highest in its history, explaining that in the recent period, Egypt’s leaders have shown interest in agriculture and food security, and the agricultural area has been expanded. which contributed to the achievement of self-sufficiency and the tendency to export a large number of agricultural crops.

The Agricultural Quarantine of Egypt has issued a circular to update the requirements for the export of fresh Allium cepa to Syria through the Agricultural Quarantine document, a copy of which has been received by Cairo 24.

And the document said: it was received from the Syrian Arab Republic regarding the update of the Syrian phytosanitary requirements for the export of fresh onions, and the shipment must be checked by a thorough external examination of the stone and make sure that it is free from pests, soil and plant residues.

Source: Cairo 24

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