Egypt raises metro ticket prices

Egyptian Minister of Transport Kamel Al Wazir said metro ticket prices will become £12 if citizens travel more than 25 stations and we will increase the number of stations in the future.

And the transport minister added during a press conference held today by the ministry that it is not practical for the metro ticket to be at the old prices as it is for more than 25 stations, especially with the state’s tendency to operate a number of stations with different lines in the coming period.

He indicated that a contract had been signed with a specialized company linked to the Egyptian National Railways Authority to issue a single ticket for all modes of transport with metro and light haulage lines as the first stage, noting that the second stage would link the metro with the railways in in the future, and tickets for trains, metro and air tickets will also be tied to a single ticket, but in stages.

The minister said that residents of the Zamalek area are currently leaving their cars and taking the Green Line metro line, which is close to Zamalek, adding that Zamalek station has become one of the largest stations that sees a large number of passengers, indicating that prices, offered by the Ministry of Transport to citizens are subsidized and reduced.

Source: Cairo 24

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