Egypt. Prosecutors reveal details of investigation into death of boxer Rames Ezzat

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office has released details of its investigation into the death of boxer Ramez Ezzat due to a cerebral hemorrhage, opening an investigation into the incident and hearing testimony from witnesses, including the deceased’s father.

The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the father of boxer Ramez Ezzat, in his testimony, accused the president of the Egyptian Boxing Federation and the organizers of the final match of the championship of the republic in this sport of negligence in his work and negligence in his son’s illness, and the prosecution indicated that the father of the boxer Ramez Ezzat testified that after the injury, his son was very tired and passed out as a result of receiving several punches from an opponent during the final match of the championship at the Railway Club in Tanta. He was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had a head injury. The union and the organizers of the match did not take the necessary precautions, which led to the deterioration of his son’s health.

The Prosecutor’s Office instructed the Department of Forensic Medicine to perform an autopsy on the body of the deceased, indicating the cause of his death and how it happened, so the Department submitted a consistent report in which the death was attributed to a traumatic brain injury that caused a cerebral hemorrhage, as a result of which the vital organs stopped working. centers of the brain, leading to death.

The prosecutor’s office also ordered to study the medical opinion submitted by the sports doctor and sent him a detailed memorandum of the findings of the investigation regarding the circumstances of the incident, in order to express an opinion on whether the doctor’s opinion should then be ordered or the circumstances of the incident could change the face of the medical opinion regarding the cause and manner of death of the player, as well as an indication of whether the presence of a medically equipped ambulance near the match site affected the player immediately after the injury, and whether carrying him in his arms to the hospital near the match site aggravated his condition, or whether it was behavior is enough to transfer him , to the ambulance and get first aid.

Source: Cairo 24

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