Egypt national sumo coach "They wanted Ukraine to take the gold medal and we were kicked out of our hotel in America."

The coach of the Egyptian sumo team Abdel Rahman Shaalan spoke about the degree of injustice suffered by the Egyptian sumo champion Abdel Rahman Al-Saifi, and the attempt to withdraw a gold medal from him for the losing Ukrainian.

The Egyptian coach spoke during a meeting with journalist Ahmed El-Gamal on the Nas Online program about the injustice of the rulers towards the Egyptian player while participating in the World Games in the United States of America and their attempt to mix politics with sports.

He stated that “the referee decided to recognize the Ukrainian player as the winner, despite his defeat, due to the fact that Abdul Rahman Shaalan was celebrating his jumps in the air.

Schaalan added: “How many other countries are involved in order for Ukraine to take second and third place in sumo, I come back to tell you that I have no problems with either faction, but it happened that they wanted first place. be for Ukraine.

The Egyptian coach confirmed the news that the Egyptian delegation was kicked out of the residence hotel after receiving the gold, saying: “We really woke up in the morning. The hotel staff came and said that you must leave the hotel immediately and get your cards. what have we done against the tournament management? That’s why we played twice and won.”

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