Egypt.. Government resolves dispute over removal of bread subsidies

Today, Monday, the Egyptian government reacted to the spread of news of its intention to eliminate bread subsidies for ration card holders.

The press center of the Council of Ministers contacted the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which refuted this news, emphasizing that the government’s intention to abolish bread subsidies to cardholders is not true, and the state continues to distribute subsidized loaves of bread to citizens on cards of five piastres without any surcharge.

The Ministry of Supply and Home Trade indicated that the bread subsidy has been increased in the budget for the new financial year 2023/2022 to over £22 billion, noting that the number of people eligible for bread subsidies has now reached about 71 million . citizens, stressing that, in particular, monitoring campaigns are being carried out. Work continues in all bakeries in various provinces of the republic to find out how easily a citizen can get his entire share of subsidized bread at prices set by the ministry.

Source: Cairo 24

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