Egypt.. Disclosure of expected metro ticket price increase

A well-informed source at the Egyptian Ministry of Transport announced a proposed increase in prices for new metro tickets, timed to coincide with early August next year.

A source explained during statements to Cairo 24 that “the proposed increase would include the addition of two new phases in addition to the three old phases, so that the proposed increase would be a first phase of 9 stations at £6 instead of £5, a second phase of 16 stations at £8 instead of 7 pounds, and the third phase “23 stations of 11 pounds, the fourth stage of 29 stations of 14 pounds and the fifth stage of 39 stations of 19 pounds.”

Egyptian Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir said a decision had been made to increase the prices of metro and train tickets from 1 August next year, and that the issue is awaiting approval by the Parliament and the President of Egypt. Republic.

Source: Cairo 24

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