Egypt collects overdue financial contributions for 28 Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia

The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower has announced the collection of overdue financial contributions from various employers in Saudi Arabia for 28 Egyptian workers.

Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, spoke about the success of the Representation of the Ministry of Labor at the Egyptian Consulate General in the Saudi capital Riyadh in obtaining overdue financial contributions from various Saudi employers for 28 Egyptian workers, including 3 deceased, noting that the total amount of contributions amounted to 2 million and 96 thousand 319 Saudi rials, which is equivalent to approximately 10 million 541 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Ministry of Manpower spokesman and media adviser Haytham Saad El-Din noted that “the minister has instructed the department to monitor the rights of 28 workers as part of protecting the rights of Egyptian workers abroad, protecting and supporting them, fulfilling their rights and solving problems in the first place.” .

In detail, labor attache Ahmed Raghai, head of the Riyadh labor representation office, indicated that “the office succeeded in obtaining contributions from worker Mahmoud A.F., who died in a traffic accident, and blood money was collected from the insurance company for wrongful killing, and that the office also managed to obtain contributions from a doctor, “Mr. MAS”, who died on the job. His financial contribution of 41,000 rials was collected belatedly from the management of the hospital where he worked, and the amount was transferred to his relatives.

The spokesman also stated that the Riyadh Labor Office “also managed to collect the contributions of the worker ‘Shuaib M.Z.B’, who worked for the contracting company in Riyadh, and his financial contribution amounted to 52,54 riyals.

While the labor attache explained: “The rights of 11 workers were presented in the form of monetary compensation in connection with the end of service, after the end of the employment contract and the settlement of their rights amicably,” noting that “some workers who received their financial contributions came to the office of the labor representation to thank the Minister of Labor Mohammed Saafan for his quick response, instructing the office of the labor representation in Riyadh to collect these contributions, while some wanted to obtain a final exit visa and return to their homeland through the Egyptian Embassy in connection with the expiration of their residence period, and coordination in this regard has been agreed with the Egyptian Consulate in Riyadh.

It was stated that “at the direction of the Consul General in Riyadh, Ambassador Tariq al-Melighi, the contributions of the deceased workers were transferred to their families in Egypt, with a notice of receipt from Nasser Social Bank, under a notice of succession.”

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