Egypt and Saudi Arabia embark on the largest project of its kind in the Middle East

An Egyptian electricity transmission company has begun field work at the Badr transformer substation, which is being built to implement a transmission line between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The project aims to exchange 3,000 megawatts between the two countries, which is considered the largest interconnection project in the entire region.

An official from the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy said earthworks have begun to pour concrete foundations for power transmission towers on the power line between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, showing that this work is being done at the same time as concrete is being poured for the Saudi side.

The source explained that the review of the overhead lines and submarine cables project for the electrical connection project between Egypt and Saudi Arabia has been completed.

The source added that the work on preparing the site and office for the Badr transformer substation has been completed, and the necessary approvals have been obtained to increase the height limits of the substation structures and the knife station, noting that it is planned to supply voltage to the station in May 2025.

As for the package of overhead lines (Badr/Taba 2), with a voltage of 500 kV, with a length of about (220 km), the source said that survey work has been completed on 100% of the existing line path. which was handed over to contractors, and survey work completed on 55% of the available track, in addition to the issuance of orders for the supply of 100% suspension poles.

The source said the Egypt-Saudi Arabia electrical connection project allows for the exchange of 3,000 megawatts between the two countries at the peak time, which differs between the two countries by about 6 hours, noting that the project has been underway since contracts were signed last October, which takes 36 months to establish the first phase. From the date of signing of contracts with an investment value of up to 8 billion pounds for the Egyptian side.

Source: Day Seven

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