Egypt and Russia Collaborate to Establish a New Pharmaceutical Plant

Egyptian Minister of Health Khaled Abdel Ghaffar announced the readiness and desire of the Egyptian state to start cooperation in the creation of an (Egyptian-Russian) plant specializing in the medical industry.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the meeting discussed cooperation on the localization of pharmaceutical production, vaccines and serums, as well as the development of a plan for coordination and exchange between the two parties in the file of medical devices and consumables production and the transfer of this advanced technology used by the Russian side to Egypt.

And he continued that the minister during his meeting expressed the willingness and desire of the Egyptian state to start cooperation in the creation of an (Egyptian-Russian) plant specializing in the medical industry, and including the best experts and specialists in this field from the two countries, emphasizing that this The cooperation will be a real step to attract health investment to Egypt as he indicated that the Egyptian state is adopting a stimulus package to encourage investment.

The representative added that during the meeting, the minister quickly ordered the formation of a joint technical committee, which included stakeholders from both sides, with the aim of coordinating, following up and quickly deciding on joint action plans. Russia has great skills in the field of limb prosthetics, as it was decided to strengthen cooperation in this matter.

Abdel Ghaffar pointed out that the meeting discussed cooperation in the digital transformation of all medical services, since the two countries have a strong vision and strategy in the field of mechanization, and also discussed the registration of Egyptian medicine in the Russian market, which contributes to the promotion of the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry, adding that the minister welcomed the official invitation he received from his Russian colleague to visit his country.

For his part, the Deputy Director of the Department of External and International Relations of the Moscow Government highly appreciated this (Egyptian-Russian) cooperation at all levels of healthcare, stressing that Egypt has high-quality competencies and skills, in addition to its experience in this area. industry, emphasizing that this cooperation will have a fruitful return and become a role model.

Source: RT

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