Ed Boon May Have Dropped Hints About Some Mortal Kombat 12 Characters

Some fans of Mortal Kombat feel that Ed Boon is giving hints about characters that could be included in the cast of Mortal Kombat 12 to get them excited. During the first quarter of this year, during an earnings call with Warner Bros. Interactive, the parent company of NetherRealm Studios, the game the developer was working on was revealed. Mortal Kombat 12 was confirmed to be the next project that NetherRealm will be working on, and fans turned to the co-creator of the Mortal Kombat series, Ed Boon, for additional information.

Ed Boon May Have Dropped Hints About Some Mortal Kombat 12 Character s_

However, Boon is notorious for engaging in online harassment of fans. Throughout the last month, he has teased fans about Mortal Kombat 12. Fans now believe that Ed Boon has left some cryptic clues about characters who could be on the roster of Mortal Kombat 12, even though this may be just another prank.

During a Twitter Space session he hosted, Boon divulged this most recent round of hints. For those unfamiliar, Twitter Spaces are live audio discussions that can be held on the site, and anybody may join to listen in on the conversation and participate if they choose to do so. Those who listened claim that a music playlist was played towards the end, which some claimed contained hints regarding the character lineup for Mortal Kombat 12, including fan favorites such as Rain, Mileena, Sindel, Smoke, Stryker, Scorpion, and more.

Twitter user Kevinmcolon is responsible for compiling the complete list of songs, many of which are connected to prior Mortal Kombat characters in some way. For instance, Prince’s song “Purple Rain” is inextricably linked to the whole concept that inspired the creation of Rain. The character Rain was initially developed as a joke. He was a purple ninja that resembled both Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The character was later named Rain as a tribute to the late musician. The Rain ended up being one of the most popular characters in the franchise, even though she has not been a part of the standard roster since Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was released in 2006. Fans have also been led to believe that certain characters from previous Mortal Kombat games will appear in Mortal Kombat 12 because certain songs on the playlist are connected to those characters.

Ed Boon May Have Dropped Hints About Some Mortal Kombat 12 Characters_

Fans should take this information with a healthy dose of skepticism, given that it is entirely based on supposition. According to those with industry knowledge, additional information regarding Mortal Kombat 12 could be released this month. As a result, fans must be patient to learn whether or not fan favorites such as Rain will be making their triumphant comeback to the tournament.

The development of Mortal Kombat 12 is presently underway.

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