Economy Minister of Germany: Reducing gas supplies from Russia indicates the effectiveness of sanctions

German Economics Minister Robert Habeck regarded the reduction in Russian gas supplies as evidence of the “effectiveness” of sanctions against Moscow.

Khabek told RTL on Thursday that Russia is receiving money for fuel sales, but its ability to buy Western products is “more and more narrowed because the West has imposed sanctions on many goods.”

He added that Russia “can’t buy anything” with the money it receives from energy supplies, and could cut gas supplies because these funds are not profitable for it.

“This is evidence that the sanctions are very effective,” he concluded.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said earlier that the German economy has been hit by sanctions against Russia, but Berlin is ready to “pay the price of solidarity” with Ukraine.

On the other hand, some German parliamentarians criticized the sanctions against the Russian energy sector, noting that they harm the population of Germany.

Source: TASS

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