EA Sports’ Release of PGA Tour Video Game has Been Postponed

EA Sports PGA Tour will begin on April 7. The business revealed on Friday that it would delay the release of its first PGA Tour game by two weeks in eight years.

EA Sports' Release of PGA Tour Video Game has Been Postpone d_

The business announced that EA Sports PGA Tour would now debut the week of the Master’s Championship, with an early access release on April 4 and a global launch on April 7. “Our objective has been to produce an authentic golfing experience. This slight change in the release date enables us to make a few last-minute improvements to the game, which we are eager to present to you all. These improvements will include updating certain beloved courses to reflect 2023 designs.”

The team behind the game will have additional information to share with gamers in the “weeks ahead,” the announcement stated.

EA Sports' Release of PGA Tour Video Game has Been Postponed_

After it launches, twenty-eight real courses, two fantasy courses, and more will be added to EA Sports PGA Tour. The game has a new “Pure Strike” shot system, career mode, all four major championships, LPGA Tour events, and more in addition to the courses.

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