EA is Currently Developing an Iron Man Single-Player Game

Last year, it was revealed that EA would be developing a single-player Iron Man title in collaboration with Marvel to create an action-adventure experience like no other. There has been further news on the project just now. Still, production on Iron Man has finally begun, according to a Reddit AMA.

EA is Currently Developing an Iron Man Single-Player Game_

It’s supposed to be a passion project from Marvel and Motive, the studio responsible for the recent rebuilding of Dead Space. It’s “an original narrative that taps into the rich history of Iron Man, channeling the complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark,” according to EA.

Suppose a comment made by the studio during a Reddit AMA is any indication. In that case, Motive is working hard on the production of Iron Man:

We have an incredible team at Motive that has begun work on Iron Man, and you can be confident that it is in good hands!

Most recently, EA Motive released the Dead Space remake, which is currently doing exceptionally well in global reviews. There may have even been a hint in the AMA that a sequel, Dead Space 2, is in the works. At one point, a user inquired whether they would continue working on Dead Space, to which the response was:

… the team will take a well-deserved break before deciding what comes next.

So that isn’t a ‘no.’

Motive will (or has) shifted its focus to the Iron Man project. Several job openings are currently listed on the studio’s careers page, almost all of which are for the Iron Man project. Resources are being increased to piece together and ultimately deliver what we hope will be a grand exploration of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

The Motive was hosting a ‘playtesting session’ in October 2022, likely a chance for the studio to explore the game’s upcoming concepts and plans rather than offering the chance to play it.

It’s a busy time for superhero games: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released this year, and we recently covered the latest news on Marvel’s Wolverine project.

And EA still needs to be finished. There are rumors of a single-player Black Panther game in the works and a third, unnamed game.

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