EA Dice Has Partnered With Ridgeline On The Development Of A Single-Player Battlefield

After the release of Battlefield 2042 in 2021, EA DICE discontinued all single-player campaigns. Gamers lamented this decision all around the world. Fans have been astonished by Battlefield’s single-player campaigns for years because they provide theatrical experiences. Yet, Battlefield 2042 still needed to be completed.

EA Dice Has Partnered With Ridgeline On The Development Of A Single-Player Battlefield_

According to rumors, EA DICE is assembling a fresh single-player team that will collaborate closely with Ridgeline Games, a Seattle-based studio, to develop a brand-new campaign-driven Battlefield experience.

Might Battlefield be getting back to its best with this?

A New Battlefield Campaign is Approaching

Given how poorly Battlefield 2042 was received in 2021, it appeared that EA DICE had effectively put the franchise to rest. For a time, there weren’t any significant upgrades or modifications done. Still, today the game is gaining momentum and attracting more players than ever.

A recent development video that featured parts of the Battlefield 2042 season 4’s components was released.

According to rumors, EA DICE wants to bring Battlefield back into the spotlight by continuously attempting to develop a brand-new single-player experience. Nevertheless, it won’t be working on the project alone; according to GamesIndustry.biz, Ridgeline Games will have support from EA DICE. It was revealed last year that this Seattle-based studio was developing a fresh Battlefield adventure.

All hands are on deck as Ripple Effect and Industrial Toys, two other EA-backed studios, are also working on the Battlefield brand.

That idea was echoed in a statement made by Rebecka Coutaz, general manager of EA DICE:

Building and expanding our single-player team at DICE is a proactive move that will equip our global teams with the tools they require as soon as possible as we prepare for the upcoming Battlefield experience. We can now use new talent and increase our opportunities, allowing Ridgeline to write the franchise’s next chapter.

Just a few weeks ago, EA underwent a significant shake-up with the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile. The Battlefield community has high expectations that a product that is nothing short of a franchise redemption will be produced with the streamlining currently underway.

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