Due to the high cost of maintenance and operation, the United States refuses to supply Abrams tanks to Ukraine

According to Sky News Arabia, citing a source in the Pentagon, the United States refuses to supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks because of the cost of maintaining and operating them.

According to the source, “Washington is refusing to supply Abrams to Ukraine because of the high cost of maintenance and operation.” In addition, according to the source, it will be difficult “to implement the Abrams training program for the Ukrainian military in a short time until spring.”

The channel’s interlocutor also called Germany’s position “unbalanced”, linking the transfer of Leopard-2 battle tanks to Kyiv with the supply of Abramsov to Kyiv. According to the source, “there is no reason why Germany should not allow the sending of a highly effective and combat-ready Leopard-2 to Ukraine.

The newspaper reported on Wednesday Suddeutsche Zeitung, citing its own sources, that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a telephone conversation told US President Joe Biden that Germany would agree to supply Kyiv with Leopard-2 tanks, provided that the United States, for its part, would supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks. In that conversation, the newspaper notes, the US president did not confirm US plans to extradite Abrams to Ukraine.

On January 20, a regular meeting of Western defense ministers (the so-called Ramstein Contact Group for Ukraine) will be held at the American Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where further assistance to Kyiv will be discussed, primarily the issue of supplying Leopard tanks. Germany will be represented by the new Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

Source: TASS

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