Due to the gas crisis, the largest chemical complex in the world is on the verge of closing

The Wall Street Journal reported that the world’s largest chemical complex in Ludwigshafen is facing gas shortages that could lead to a production halt.

And a US newspaper reported in a report that the German chemicals company BASF may have to shut down production at the 200-plant complex in light of raw material shortages and rising costs due to lower Russian production. gas supplies.

“Reducing production at this facility would be a huge task. We have never seen such a situation before, it is hard to imagine,” said Peter Westerheid, chief economist at BASF Germany.

The complex covers an area of ​​about 10 square kilometers and includes about 200 plants and provides about 4% of the total gas demand in Germany, and about 60% of the gas used at the plant is used to generate electricity.

According to BASF, if the complex continues to receive about 50% of its maximum gas supply, it may continue to produce, but otherwise the complex will have to be closed.

Earlier, deliveries of Russian gas to Germany via the Nord Stream gas pipeline were stopped by up to 60% due to technical problems caused by Western sanctions against Moscow.

In light of this, the German government has launched the second “warning” phase of its three-tier gas emergency plan. Berlin also warned that it was facing an acute shortage of blue fuel amid reduced flows from Russia.

Source: Interfax

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