Due to illness, the Saudi club got into the Guinness Book of Records

Al-Nahda, a Saudi club, has entered the Guinness World Records after being recently certified for hosting a multiple sclerosis event.

The Al Nahda Club organized the Arfi association’s largest multiple sclerosis logo event at the club’s stadium in Dammam last May.

At the event, in the presence of the association’s delegation, the largest umbrella with the slogan “multiple sclerosis” was formed on the territory of the Al-Nahda stadium in Dammam.

The participants of this event raised umbrellas on the floor of Al Nahda Stadium to form the emblem of multiple sclerosis disease.

Rima Al-Otaibi, Executive Director of the Arfi Association, presented the President of the Al-Nahda Club, Tariq Al-Khubaishi, with a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records.

This comes as part of raising awareness of multiple sclerosis with the help of the Al Nahda club, which operates in the second division of Saudi Arabia.

Source: www.gol.com

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