Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update 1.03 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – October 20, 2022

A new update has been released for Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update 1.03. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update 1.03 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.



◆ Skill “Saiyan Pod Remote”

・The cooldown time of the skill has been extended.

・The time duration between which the Saiyan Pod is called and when it arrives at the player’s location has been extended.


◆ Item “Barrier Recovery Device”

The time between the use of the item and its completion has been shortened.


◆ Item “Cooldown Drink” and “Super Cooldown Drink”

・The time between the use of the item and its effect has been extended.

・The effect of “Cooldown Drink” has been decreased.

・The effect of “Super Cooldown Drink” has been increased to 100% for all transformation levels; however, it will now decrease based on the tranformation level.


◆ Vehicle

・The speed difference between the vehicles that are initially on the field and those that appear from the capsule has been removed.


◆ Revive

・The time to revive has been shortened.


◆ Startup System

・The increasing rate of the gauge when the Survivor accesses the activation system has been adjusted to improve.





◆ Blow-blast after evolution

・The network has been adjusted to reduce the effects of lag and misalignment caused by the network.

・ The area of the hit judgment has been expanded the time to receive the effect has been increased. In accordance of these adjustments, the distance of the blast has been expanded.



◆ Improvements on item acquisition priortized over player revival

・Improved the issue when the position of wounded players and fallen items overlaps, picking up items was prioritized over player revivals.


◆ Adjustment on Power Key Position

・To avoid finding all power keys early in the game, we have adjusted the placement of the power keys so they are not placed in the crate near the Survivor’s starting point.


◆ Improved an issue with multiple Survivor melee rushes

・When a rush attack misses due to another player pushing it out of the way, it will return to a neutral state and the rush attack can be started again.

・Fixed a bug where the final blowout of the rush attack did not blow up.

・Fixed a bug that prevented the blowout if an attack such as an air bullet was received just before the blowout.


◆ Game Balance Between Survivor and Raider

・Adjustments have been made so that when a rush attack from multiple survivors is established, the damage is compensated for the level difference between the Raider and the Survivor.

*If the Raider has a higher level, the damage will be lower even it follows a melee rush.

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