DOTA 2 Update 7.34c Patch Notes: Bug Fixes and Improvements

A new update has been released for DOTA 2 Update 7.34c. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.DOTA 2 Update 7.34c is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

  • Fixed an issue where using Armlet could lead to double death bounties
  • Fixed Soul Ring not removing temporary mana at the end of its buff duration
  • Fixed enemy flagbearer creeps sometimes not showing their banners
  • Fixed shield rune not being visible on enemy units until they attack or get attacked
  • Fixed Ion Shell sometimes not being visible
  • Fixed Terrorblade illusions appearing the same as the real Terrorblade
  • Fixed buffs like Haste, God’s Strength, and Fire Remnant not showing on the status bar of heroes
  • Fixed backdoor protection not being shown as a buff on towers nor the shield icon next to their health
  • Fixed the invisibility effect not showing on enemy heroes under a friendly Sentry Ward
  • Fixed Haste rune not showing as a buff on the status bar or being shown visually on the hero
  • Fixed Pudge Rot being invisible
  • Fixed an issue where Rubick stole Death Pact for free when stealing Skeleton Walk from Clinkz
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear counting towards Monkey King’s Jinggu Mastery stacks
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear death counting towards permanent stacks for Axe, Necrophos, Slark, Lion, and Tidehunter
  • Fixed Desolator gaining damage when killing Spirit Bear
  • Fixed Spirit Bear attacks counting as Hero attacks when attacking Clinkz Skeletons, Lich Ice Spire, Phoenix Supernova, Pugna Nether Ward, Tidehunter Dead in the Water anchor, Undying Tombstone, Zeus Nimbus.
  • Fixed Spirit Bear death refreshing Axe Culling Blade and lowering Windranger Focus Fire cooldown with Level 25 talent
  • Fixed Lone Druid Spirit Bear displayed as the unit name on the Minimap
  • Fixed Tormentor not granting Spirit Bear a Shard if Lone Druid already has one, and not allowing allies to get Tormentor gold bounty if all allies already have the Shard
  • Fixed Tormentor particles sometimes showing in fog of war
  • Fixed a bug where inventory item icons would sometimes disappear when dragging them
  • Fixed a number of items’ ability effects failing to equip in the Armory/Loadout
  • Fixed some free event reward items not showing up in the Armory
  • Fixed an issue saving the Taunt slot on custom sets
  • Fixed the default global light and shadow colors on the Autumn terrain
  • Fixed a display-only bug where certain magic resistance and physical resistance percentage values were being incorrectly rounded down a point below their actual values
  • Fixed a display-only bug where units with zero health or mana regeneration values would display as negative zero due to network-encoding quantization effects
  • Fixed a crash in Workshop Tools

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