Dossier of Syria and Ukraine and the energy crisis. Putin’s loudest statements in Tehran

In his statements during a trilateral summit in Tehran with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Vladimir Putin touched on a number of topical international issues, the most important of which are as follows.


Putin: Efforts by Russia, Iran and Turkey to resolve the Syrian crisis are very effective

Putin: Russia, Turkey and Iran have minor disagreements over Syria

Putin: Russia supports the return of the eastern Euphrates to the rule of the legitimate government of Damascus

Putin: US should stop stealing Syrian oil

Putin confirmed that Russia and Iran are making a significant contribution to the settlement of the situation in Syria

Putin emphasized the need to create conditions that allow the Syrians to decide the fate of their country without outside interference

Putin: The next trilateral summit in the Astana format will be held in Russia


Putin: Ukraine does not want a deal

Putin: Ukrainian grain export issues not yet fully resolved

Putin: We are ready to facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain, subject to the removal of restrictions on the export of Russian grain

Putin thanked Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE for offering mediation in the settlement in Ukraine

energy crisis

Putin reveals the consequences of limiting Western purchases of Russian oil

Putin: Europeans have lost their sanctions against Russian gas “Yamal-Europe”

Putin: We are ready to supply gas to Europe through the pipeline, which she refused to operate

Putin: Gazprom has always fulfilled its obligations and will fulfill them in the future

Source: RT

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