DMZ and Warzone 2 Will be Revealed by Infinity Ward This Week

In a series of tweets, Call of Duty creator ModernWarzone has revealed that there will be an in-person event this week to reveal Warzone 2 and DMZ.

DMZ and Warzone 2

Several other YouTubers have also confirmed that they will be attending an event next week, with footage being uploaded on Wednesday.

We learned last week that invitations to a live event had been distributed. However, because the news was based on rumors or secondhand accounts, it was unable to report on it.

DMZ and Warzone 2

The Deployment Zone, or DMZ, is expected to be located on the Al Mazrah map of Warzone 2. Call of Duty’s response to extraction-based game modes like Escape From Tarkov is The Deployment Zone. Nevertheless, since its formal announcement at COD NEXT, official details have been scant.

According to ModernWarzone’s tweets, “I am incredibly excited for Call of Duty’s newest game mode after seeing and hearing about it from the inside. I can’t wait to share it with the world “.

The return of loadout drops in Warzone 2 following early playtests was also seemingly confirmed by ModernWarzone in another tweet. They were eliminated, as was made clear by the COD NEXT event.

DMZ and Warzone 2

There will be significant changes to the Warzone formula with Warzone 2. However, the return of loadouts to the game may indicate that some modifications have been made since then.

Are you excited about the Warzone 2 DMZ reveal?

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