Divorce settlement: Hakimi may receive $XX million from ex-wife Heba Abbuk’s wealth

The famous Wealth page on Instagram said that Ashraf Hakimi could receive half of the fortune of his ex-wife Heba Abbouk, who decided to part with the Moroccan footballer due to allegations of adultery.

The world-famous page, followed by over 7 million people, revealed that the Spanish-Tunisian actress initially claimed half of Hakimi’s €70 million fortune in divorce proceedings, but it was discovered that all of his assets were in his mother’s name.

According to the Wealth page, Hakimi left the court no choice but to write off his ex-wife’s financial claims.

And since Hakimi has no money on paper due to his decision to register all his property in his mother’s name, he can now count on financial support from his ex-wife, whose net worth is estimated at $3 million, according to Wealth.

So far, there is no confirmed news that the court will ask Heba Abbuk to financially support Hakimi.

Source: wealth page

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