"Disaster hero"Maguire apologizes for fatal errors against Germany

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire apologized for the mistakes he made yesterday, on Monday, during his national team’s match against Germany (3:3) in the European Nations League.

Maguire made a fatal error by taking a penalty after passing the ball to the German Jamal Musiale and then obstructing him in the Three Lions penalty area.

Maguire also missed the ball on the outskirts of the Manchaft penalty area, which turned into a counterattack, and ended with a goal against England by Kai Havertz.

Maguire wrote a “blog post” on his Instagram account: “I’m sorry. Mistakes are part of the game. We brought the boys back to the match with great wrestling and great spirit.”

He concluded by saying, “We are concentrating on the positives and looking forward to Qatar (World Cup). Difficult times will make us stronger.”

Harry Maguire, 29, has been the subject of criticism and ridicule of late due to the many mistakes he made that led Dutch manager Eric Ten Hag, Manchester United’s new manager, to keep him on the bench.

Notably, England were promoted to the second tier of the European Football Nations League after finishing fourth in the third group standings of the first tier (A3) with just three points.

While Italy topped the group by reaching the semi-finals of the Continental League, followed by Hungary in second place with 10 points and then Germany in third place with 7 points.

Source: agencies

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