Diplomatic move to contain the aftermath of a quarrel between Jordanian and Lebanese players in Jakarta

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs has announced that through the Jordanian embassy in Jakarta, it is following up on what happened after the match between Jordan and Lebanon in the 2022 Asian Basketball Championship.

The Jordanian team lost to their Lebanese counterpart in the match that took place between them yesterday, Saturday, in the semi-final of the Asian Men’s Basketball Championship, where after the final there were skirmishes between some of the players of the two sides.

The ministry has established contacts with the president of the Jordanian Basketball Association, who is talking to the Jordanian ambassador in Jakarta, Indonesia, on this matter.

The ambassador is with the delegation of the Jordanian national team participating in the tournament and continues to discuss this issue with the secretary of the Jordanian Basketball Association, as well as with the Lebanese Embassy in Jakarta.

Source: media

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